Precision matching and guaranteed noise testing. Please call 805-687-2236 or email for availability. Our inventory varies and these tubes are hard to find.

These are genuine Telefunken tubes with the diamond in the base. We have been collecting them for over 10 years and have fully tested them so you get only premium tubes.

We have both smooth plate and ribbed plate, so be sure to specify in your order which ones you want.

Standard Grade tubes are our most economical tubes, yet still a product of selection. In fact, it easily outperforms the best tubes offered by other companies. Only 40% of the tubes we test perform well enough to be considered Standard Grade.

Please note that the Telefunken brandings come off very easily and some tubes may be missing parts of the logos and lettering.

Due to the rarity of new-in-the-box tubes, we can only supply tubes with low hours of use. They may have other markings such as Dynaco, Fisher, Heath, McIntosh. As an alternative we have the now rare Tungsram and equally rare Electronska (EI) from before the conflict when the plant shut down. We feel the pre-conflict ones are better to than the current production.

Our standard grade is fine for power amp input stages and second stages in phono and line amps. When you buy a tube on eBay you have no guarantee of noise or microphonics.

Telefunken 12AX7 Standard Grade [CALL OR EMAIL FOR AVAILABILITY] Tele 12AX7 - SG$90.00
Need assistance? Email or call 805-687-2236. Photography by VisionQuest Photography