RM-10 MkII Class A 25-Watts Per Channel Stereo Tube Amplifier

The RM10 Class A is a brilliantly designed amp that is both great sounding and easy to use. As you can see the Class A version is almost identical to the old RM10. The only aesthetic differences are the tubes and LED's. Roger took the old RM10 circuit and simplified it a bit, wired in cathode bias and made a very stable amplifier. This amp never needs to be biased and uses LED lights to show how the two channels are matched. Cardas posts are the new standard for these amps as well as EL84 power tubes and 12AT7 driver tubes. All of our amps are made here in California and as always the RM10 series is point to point!

Base price is $3,495 with standard wood frame (just a couple left). Add $500 for our premium wood frame.

Please contact us at tubeaudiostore@gmail.com to place an order.

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