Passive Volume Kit

Exceptionally neutral and transparent, it doesn't get any better than this. And you can't beat the price.

The volume potentiometer is a laser trimmed, thick film, discrete step pot. The same extremely high quality Noble pot used on the Audio Research SP-6 and the Beveridge RM-1. RCA jacks are gold-plated Tiffany style jacks and hook-up wire is teflon insulated silver plated copper.

Kit includes a stepped attenuator, wire, 2 sets of RCA jacks and instructions. The attenuator comes pre-wired so you simply solder the hot leads and one ground to the RCA jacks. Provide your own box and you have a very simple, exceptionally high quality passive pre-amp.


Input Impedance100K Ohms
Output Impedance0 - 25K Ohms
Frequency ResponseDC - 100K Hz

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