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Welcome to tubeaudiostore.com, the home of RAM Labs tubes and Music Reference audio equipment. Founded in 1983 by world reknowned equipment designer, Roger A. Modjeski. RAM Labs has made its mission to bring you the highest quality, most reliable tubes available. For example, our Super Low Noise preamp tubes are within 1dB of the theoretical noise limit for that tube.

The world of tubes today can be confusing, even frustrating when it comes to selecting the right tubes for your equipment. It's often difficult to tell what really matters and what doesn't. At RAM Labs, tubes are our life's work. We know what matters so that you can be assured that the tubes you purchase will meet our specifications and your needs.

Our experience with designing tube audio equipment and visiting tube factories around the world means that we know exactly how a tube will perform, in circuit, and that's what really matters. The information we have provided on this site is based on these years of experience and we have sought to guide you in making an intelligent and informed buying decision that is right for you and your equipment.

Every tube we sell is selected, tested and graded using a proprietary computer testing system developed by Mr. Modjeski so that even our Standard Grade tubes will outperform most tubes on the market.

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